Two Dots

I used to play this game (Two Dots) until I stopped roughly 5-6 years ago.

The reason? I played this game during my first trimester of my pregnancy with Rey.

The song used to trigger my acid reflux and near-vomit experiences. I remember when I picked up the game again after Rey was born, I almost re-served my dinner that I just digested.

It was until a couple of weeks ago I replayed this game.

And no acid reflux. Only mighty annoyance because the gosh dang fire balls just burn everything in sight.

(Oh. And Rey plays this game too.)


2 responses to “Two Dots”

  1. Ditaa Avatar

    Omg, I’m a Two Dots addict and proudly a part of Two Dots community. I’ve been playing this game from 2016, a year after I uninstalled Candy Crush since it was triggering my anxiety. Back when I was in New York, I attended Two Dots user meet-up few times and also few times was invited for a feedback session. I love this game with all my heart. And yes we complained how we hate the fire balls too, it is mutual.

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    1. Nindya Avatar

      I really love how their bonuses are not super pushy. They give you unlimited lives, but 1 hour at max (and it’s super rare, even.) The game is not too pushy and not trying to rob the users too. I really love this game ❤️


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