Two Dots

I used to play this game (Two Dots) until I stopped roughly 5-6 years ago.

The reason? I played this game during my first trimester of my pregnancy with Rey.

The song used to trigger my acid reflux and near-vomit experiences. I remember when I picked up the game again after Rey was born, I almost re-served my dinner that I just digested.

It was until a couple of weeks ago I replayed this game.

And no acid reflux. Only mighty annoyance because the gosh dang fire balls just burn everything in sight.

(Oh. And Rey plays this game too.)


  1. Ditaa says:

    Omg, I’m a Two Dots addict and proudly a part of Two Dots community. I’ve been playing this game from 2016, a year after I uninstalled Candy Crush since it was triggering my anxiety. Back when I was in New York, I attended Two Dots user meet-up few times and also few times was invited for a feedback session. I love this game with all my heart. And yes we complained how we hate the fire balls too, it is mutual.

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    1. Nindya says:

      I really love how their bonuses are not super pushy. They give you unlimited lives, but 1 hour at max (and it’s super rare, even.) The game is not too pushy and not trying to rob the users too. I really love this game ❤️


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