Drawing practice: Vector but not really

The drawing looks vector-ish (I found myself really liking clean and tight lineart) but it’s actually using a pixel brush (the same as before: Sharp inker) and I use soft crayon brush for the skin and the background,


3 responses to “Drawing practice: Vector but not really”

  1. Nick S. Avatar

    Nice! What device and software do you use for your digital art? I’m thinking about investing in a newer iPad for this purpose but not sure yet what I would get.

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    1. Nindya Avatar

      I’m using iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and Adobe Fresco (I’m subscribing to the premium version.) For Adobe Fresco, though, it depends on personal preference. If you feel Adobe is overkill (it is 😆) you can definitely try other apps.

      One thing for sure: Use paper-like cover on the iPad. It gives a world’s differences when you are drawing ✨

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      1. Nick S. Avatar

        Thanks for the tips! I’ve been eyeing an iPad Pro and pencil for a little while now…

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