Cold update

It has been… 2 days? 3 days? And the flu stil persists. At this point, this is no longer “common cold”, man. This is either flu or upper respiratory tract infection.

The fever has been REALLY annoying. I’m fine with 38-39°C fever for one day, AND ONE DAY, only. The “fever”, though, has been hovering obnoxiously on 37-38°C. That kind of fever-but-not-really. Annoying enough to make you feel like you want to go to the doctor but you know that doctors will see it as low-grade fever, aaaand, you know, we are still in this thing called “freaking pandemic” and clogging health system would be the least on the priority list, hm.

Interestingly, this flu-thing seemingly happened among my friends, specifically, the Southeast Asian friends.

So far, there were two Philippines friends and one Indonesian told me they just went through the same thing and it took them a week to recover.

Oh, well. Hopefully, things will get better on the weekends.

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