Some sort of self-reflection

I just remembered, and realized, I went radio silence after my last post about Covid where I literally grilled myself on my apartment’s rooftop in the noon-time.

As you might all know, I am now Covid-negative. So, yay. The test kit shown that wonderful one stripe on Sunday, and I had to attend a workshop on the following week, so another yay recovery.

Our workshop happened in Kuala Lumpur, so that was a huge plus for me. No timezone weirdness and no long-haul flight. With the Division Meetup and Covid, I don’t think I would be able to face through another long trip.

During the workshop, we talked a lot about leadership and team dynamics. Interestingly, all those chats about leadership and management made me think on how I would like to close this year and open the next year.

I really don’t want to “close this year strongly”, or as kids used to say: “With a bang.”

I’m too tired for that. I don’t want to close the year of 2022 with a bang, pow, or anything like that. It has enough surprises already, so I don’t think I want to add more noise on it.

I’m aiming to close the year gently and feeling content. I also want to open the next year feeling mindful and calm.

I actually have this thing in mind: I want to eat less and more.

Why “eating”? It’s one of our basic needs, and I love food.

I want to be more mindful with my eating pattern, hence “eating less”. As in, understanding the food I consume and actually enjoying it instead of being a glutton (something I’m really good at, other than being a sloth.)

At the same time, I want to eat more. With more gusto, more understanding of the food and the food’s history and story, more mindfulness, and more quality of life. This does not mean I will only look for expensive (in monetary sense) food, no. I’m looking for appreciating food more, and enjoying the process itself: Cooking and eating.

Here’s for a more delicious 2023.

Pavlova from Kenny Hills Bakery, Ampang

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