Swing Girls (2004)

Oke, kalo ada yang punya DVD-nya (secara legal, tentunya) atau tau beli DVD-nya di mana, ini film HARUS ditonton. J-dorama kocak, penuh musik (JAZZ DAN SWING! GLEN MILLER!), dan menyenangkan.

“Swing Girls is a 2004 comedy written and directed by Shinobu Yaguchi, and is the tale of delinquent and lazy school girls, who in their efforts to cut remedial summer math class, end up poisoning and replacing the school’s brass band.

The girl’s performance here is actually live, not prerecorded and pantomimed, which is what makes this film and the music particularly interesting. All the music scores in the movie were actually performed by the actresses themselves; they were not dubbed. Many of the actresses had never played an instrument before. They took intensive music lessons at Yamaha Music School for several months before the shooting began. To promote the movie, the actor and the actresses performed live in concerts in Japan and the USA.”



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