Musang King

Twice in a year, usually on certain months, there will be a specific scent roaming the air nearby my neighborhood.

His name is Sam, and he has durian plantation. When it’s durian season, he will put all of the year’s harvest to his truck and sell it directly to folks in Kuala Lumpur, just like many other farmers.

The original price for his Musang King durians was RM 60/kilogram (roughly US$14-15.) Since I arrived in the evening, he wanted to sell it all out so he offered me RM 50/kilogram. Pretty awesome.

Durian is one of the prides of Southeast Asia; and for Indonesian and Malaysian folks, durian is part of delicacy. And you can’t go wrong with durian; durian is not that kind of “…eeeeeh,” fruit. No. You either love it or loathe it.

And I love it, much to my husband’s chagrin.





One response to “Musang King”

  1. asudomo Avatar

    Aku ga suka durian


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