I just realized that I blogged more than journaling on August. Is that a good sign or…?

Anyway! Yeah, a bit late but I just checked my bullet journal book and I found I left a really good chunk of void for August 2020. I’m pretty glad this is bullet journal, though, so I can just start whenever I want. But it made me wonder what happened back on August that made me forgetting about journaling (but IIRC, I started a habit of watching sunrises and sunsets on August to calm my mind?)

(Memory intensifies with WordPress 5.5 launch, and many things afterwards.)

Oh. Yeah. That.

Anyway! About watching sunrises and sunsets. I feel this is pretty neat. Some of you might already familiar on how I call myself: A highly caffeinated anxious hamster. And with my work as an HE, things can go from zero to one hundred in matter of seconds. Plus, we are in the middle of pandemic. I hate it when I got a cold and started to wonder if this is a cold cold or a cold cold.

I’ve been following this Youtuber from South Korea named “seungahne”. Her videos would be what people called as “aesthetic” — slightly minimalist approach (think Kinfolk magazine meets Muji) and lo-fi music background. Totally my jam.

On one of her videos, she mentioned about looking at the sky seven times in a day to calm oneself down. I tried her approach, and even though I didn’t do seven times of sky-watching — I tend to forget things — I found it’s quite helpful for me. In the morning, it helps me to prepare my day. In the afternoon/evening, it helps me to disconnect my mind from my work.

Disconnecting the mind from work affairs is really important for me — and I guess, for you folks who have been working from home lately. The thing about working from home is you can’t detach yourself from work physically. There is no commute from the office to your home; no “down time” for your brain to process that you are approaching home. What kind of process you expect if the furthest distance of your work and your home is two steps away? And for some reason, looking at the sky helps me. Maybe not 100% yet, but we’ll be there.

I wanted to share her videos with you all here. I think she’s super cool and deserves more international subscribers (please turn on/activate CC (closed captioning/subtitle) button for English subtitle.)

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One response to “Sky-watching”

  1. Natalia Turangan Avatar

    Ah.. I like this vlog style too (I was haegreendal-ized by you as well btw).
    And it amazed me that she only uses iPhone XS as her tool.
    Thank you for sharing and please continue to do so!

    Liked by 1 person

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