🔖 The Melanau Gateway

I just found something really cool:


I came across this website when I scrolled my FYP Tiktok and I watched this video where Aniq, the Tiktoker and the website owner, expressed his goal to build a culture and information hub for Melanau tribe.

From the website:

Melanau is an Austronesian language native to Borneo. It is a language comprised of many sub-dialects under the North Bornean language family group.


I feel this is really cool. The website’s goal is to provide everything about Melanau and to build a cultural hub for Melanau folks. I would say, hosting it on wordpress.com is definitely a bonus 😎

Do give it a visit and explore everything Melanau! Also, if you are a Melanau, feel free to share your stories!

The featured image is taken from Wikimedia.


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