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  • Mid-2022, perhaps

    It was when Ari and I visited medical clinic for our tummy problem when I saw a sign on the clinic door. “Psychologists available.” Along with the name of the doctors. I might go take a visit. Perhaps after this month. I’m thinking July? August? I have so many things in my mind with so […]

  • Police stakeout and tummy problems

    Are you familiar with police stakeouts? No, not seeing one. But the general term and sense. Familiar, yeah? This is how it usually looks like in Indonesia. Just like how police stakeouts usually are, the agents are disguising themselves as regular folks — mostly as food peddlers. Regular-looking guy, very unassuming, but holding a walkie-talkie […]

  • Dangit now I really want a DJI OM 5

    Dangit now I really want a DJI OM 5

    Yes, I have a TikTok account (why of course), and yes, it’s set to Private.

  • Journaling: How to?

    I know I have been writing about journaling a couple of times here (and raving about bullet journal too,) but I want to know and hear (or read) your thoughts on journaling. What is journaling for you? Like, did you journal? Do you do journal? (I sense some grammatical errors there but please be kind […]

  • Good afternoon

    Good afternoon

    We have a glorious afternoon today. Kuala Lumpur’s heat and the sound from the traffic down below usually makes me close my balcony door whenever I’m working, but I’m thinking that I can start open the door and letting the breeze in. Sidenote: I’ve been thinking of starting to do light exercises post-Ramadan, but what […]

  • After 2.5 years

    After 2.5 years

    When the pandemic raged on at the beginning of March 2020, one of my friends wrote on her social media timeline. “Please. Please stay safe and stay healthy. I can’t afford losing one more sweet souls. I can’t afford losing anyone of you.” To see our friends still safe and healthy is definitely a happiness […]

  • Connect. Now colored.

    Connect. Now colored.

    On last year’s Inktober, I made this (titled “Connect”.) That drawing is not super perfect (according to me,) but I really fond of the drawing as I made it while I remembered my friends as we were unable to meet due to the pandemic. I felt like the little mouse or the frog, we stay […]

  • Another Animal Crossing appreciation post

    Another Animal Crossing appreciation post

    The video should have this lofi version of Animal Crossing theme song, but for some reason, it’s not included (IG Story’s policy, perhaps?) Anyway! You can check this Spotify link for the song here: I had this idea of drawing my character on Animal Crossing. From this: To this:

  • Ramadan 101

    Ramadan 101

    Somehow I keep seeing articles/content on “non-moslem trying Ramadan fasting for a day” recently. I can understand that since it’s, well, Ramadan month and I feel it’s pretty neat too as folks learn more about Ramadan and have open and public discussion about it. So! This is for you all who are curious about Ramadan […]

  • Filbert speaks nothing but the TRUTH!

    Filbert speaks nothing but the TRUTH!

    Ah, youth. I used to eat three bags of chips and drink milk directly from the jug while typing my final papers furiously — and got myself stayed awake with black coffee and cigarettes. “Amuse” is too far-fetched. “Stressed out” and THE NEED TO MAKE OUR ISLAND ✨PERFECT✨ is all-time high. I’m okay with the […]