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  • Drawing practice: House sketch

    Drawing practice: House sketch

    I am now thinking of buying a Copic set. Unicorn Sketch marker set is great, but the colors are too vivid and too neon to my likings. I’m looking for muted gray-ish colors, and from what I see, it seems like Copic provides such colors.

  • Doctor appointment

    Earlier today, we went to the hospital for Rey’s doctor appointment. For the past week, Rey has been having cough, sneezes, and mild fever. We usually let the illness on its own for three days along with some paracetamol and vitamins since that’s how virus usually works. The illness, however, stuck for more than three […]

  • “If Anything Happens I Love You” — Will McCormack, Michael Govier, and Youngran Nho

    “If Anything Happens I Love You” — Will McCormack, Michael Govier, and Youngran Nho

    Some books are so good, you feel nothing but the urge to smack it to the floor.

  • “You be good to you, maaan.”

    “You be good to you, maaan.”

    On end-of-year reflection, Animal Crossing wisdom, and birthday.

  • Some sort of self-reflection

    Some sort of self-reflection

    On next year’s goal: To be more mindful. And start from the very basic: Food.

  • Sunbathing


    On grilling myself at 1 PM on the rooftop because this darned virus just won’t. go. away.

  • And onwards to the next day…

    And onwards to the next day…

    On still facing Covid and how the only appetite is on Japanese food.

  • And then, it happens…

    And then, it happens…

    On Covid. Dangit.

  • Drawing Practice: Night time

    Drawing Practice: Night time

    On learning to use two colors with high contrast. Also, “From Gagarin’s Point of View” is really neat.

  • On WP Courses Blog

    On WP Courses Blog

    Earlier today, I did a bit of touch-up on my Writings & Drawings page to make it tidier and not too overwhelming. I know that I’m aspiring to be a children’s storybook illustrator and at the same time, I’m trying to keep the traffic to this site really minimum as I’m still not comfortable having […]