Backpain treatments?

Anyone here has tips or suggestions — preferably Youtube video — on yoga or some exercise to treat backpain?

I’ve been doing exercise since early June, and my exercise usually a 30-minutes treadmill walk (speed 4.0, elevation 3.5 – 5.0, depending on my mood) on daily basis. I found it helps me to focus better during the day, but I noticed this growing uneasiness on my back. Sometimes, when the weather and time permit, I swim — “swimming” would be an understatement, really. “Wiggling my arms while trying not to get drown” would be the best explanation.

At first, I chalked it to the usual period/menstrual/PMS discomfort, but it starting to bug me with stiff shoulders and neck.

Right now, I’m having a variation on my exercise. I do morning yoga during the weekend.

I personally pretty happy with the video’s routine above, but I want to know if you have some tips or exercise habit that you are doing to alleviate backpain and stiff shoulders + neck. Any insights are welcomed! 🙂




2 responses to “Backpain treatments?”

  1. Natalia Turangan Avatar

    I had backpain few years ago, long before pandemic, because of bad pose on my working station (it’s not even a proper station, very bad cushion puff for seating etc). A friend told me to practice some Pigeon Pose from whoever yoga instructor I’d like. Although it seems unrelated (open your hips vs backpain? where’s the connection?) to my surprise it did help improve my situation! So maybe please do take this advice with grains of salt and maybe more researches, but you may want to try Pigeon Pose exercises. I go to Yoga With Adrienne channel (also because of my friend)

    Hope this helps!

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    1. Nindya Avatar

      Thank you, Nat! ❤️


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