Morning drink

Not a beer. And yes, Daft Punk forever.

It’s a non-alcoholic malt drink with peach flavor. Also, it’s 10 AM 😅

I found myself liking the non-alcoholic counterparts due to taste. Alcohol is a refined taste, and it takes experience to fully enjoy it. For me, I still can’t get beyond the bitter taste or the burning sensation, so I’m settling down with the non-alcoholic version (also, it’s sweeter.)

Beer is one of the oldest beverages in the world — presumably, after mead. I found it really fascinating that the starting point of human civilizations seemingly started from “accidents” a.k.a. Fermentation. Thousands of years ago, someone forgot to bring back a bunch of grapes and wheats and left it out for quite some time, letting happy bacteries doing their job, and ta-da, we got wine, mead, beer, and bread.

If that kind of story/history is your jam, I highly recommend you to read “A History of the World in 6 Glasses” by Tom Standage.




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