Penne pasta with tuna and grilled veggies

At this point, it might be known that I really really like pumpkin.

We had rice for dinner yesterday, and the day before, and I got so tired after a Zoom hangout with my colleagues (today is a full-meetings day.) I tried to come up with some quick and easy recipe, and as tempting as food delivery is, I tried to cut down on the expenses.

I grabbed a quarter of pumpkin (not sure about the size. It was pre-cut. Uhhh, 1/6 of pumpkin? I guess,) half of broccoli, and red bell pepper. Cut them up to small pieces, and mix them together in a deep dish pan (brownies pan) with olive oil and some veggies seasonings.

Put it in the oven for 30 minutes with 180°C in temperature.

I then cooked penne pasta — I don’t check the amount and I’m suck at it. One of my biggest problems is to calculate the amount of pasta to cook. I tried to cook for four people, okay, and I usually ended up with pasta enough to feed the whole Roman battalion.

Once the pasta is cooked, I sliced some garlic because it’s a must (I used 3-4 cloves.) Drained the pasta, then put olive oil in the pot. Heat the garlic, then I took a can of tuna and put it there too. I added a bit of pasta water to make the “sauce” then I added the pasta. I didn’t add a lot of salt because the pasta water is salty enough.

Serve the pasta with grilled veggies. I really like the mellow sweetness from the pumpkin combined with the salty tuna. I’m thinking of making the grilled veggies again because it’s that good.




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