🔖 Google’s docuseries on cybersecurity: “HACKING GOOGLE”

Found this link from my colleague as he shared it on the office’s Slack watercooler channel:

Meet the hackers keeping you safe online

Cybersecurity and cyber safety have been a pretty hot topic lately and most countries now waging war by attacking each other’s networks.

And no, hacking is not always about monitors with a black background and neon green texts tittering across the screen. Yes, hacking is really technical, and as a reminder: Just be really careful when there are some Internet “funsies” asking you questions such as:

  • Find our your gemstone from your date of birth, month, and year!
  • Find out what type of kitten you are by sharing with us your mother’s maiden name!
  • Poor Mr. Wiggles need friends! Quick, share with Mr. Wiggles the name of your first pet!
  • You are not gonna believe what we find on Google Maps! Enter the street name where you grew up here!




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